Meet Our Family

Rachael AcklinRachael Acklin: “Before Lift Off, I was successful, but I craved something better, and I didn’t really know what it was or how to get there…” Read More




Desiree AdawayDesiree Adaway: “I knew that I wanted to work for myself over the next 2 years but had no clear vision of what that would look like until I attended Lift Off. Now I design programs and strategies that create revenue and advocates for organizations. I work with organizations and individuals that want to create lasting change.” Read More

Deena BaikowitzDeena Baikowitz: “I was building my business at an erratic pace. Every week was a different experience: it alternated between moving slowly, leaping forward, skipping steps, and jumping over obstacles. Since Lift Off, I am jumping up and down with joy, excitement, inspiration and achievement (almost) every day. Fireball Network is moving forward with renewed energy and momentum.” Read More


Wendy BeallWendy Beall: “I love the synergy that comes from sharing ideas, energy, and connections in a group. The connections made are guaranteed to benefit everyone involved for years to come. Pam and Charlie have a gift for helping refine ideas for products and services, and then translate those ideas into practical next steps so they seem doable rather than overwhelming.” Read More


Andre BlackmanAndre Blackman: “I had been dabbling in the idea of becoming an entrepreneur before Lift Off. I knew I had skills, resources and the desire to start in the consulting world but didn’t know where to start exactly.” Read More


Marissa BrackeMarissa Bracke: “It was great interacting ‘in 3D’ with people I’d been working with, following, reading, and chatting with online, some for a couple of years before finally meeting in person at Lift Off. And hanging out with them at Saguaro Lake Ranch in Phoenix (read: absolutely picture-perfect location) didn’t hurt either!” Read More



Mike BrunyMike Bruny: “Before Lift Off, I was all over the place. Too many different projects and too many things on my mind. I was so boomeranging (I know it’s not a word) my superpower. I was a man in search of a model.” Read More


Abe CajudoAbe Cajudo: “Before Lift Off, I would spend 5 hours a day commuting to and from a 9-5 job that no longer resonated with how I was developing as a person and budding entrepreneur. Lift Off was the first stop on my travels that convinced me that a business can be used as a vehicle for social change. Everyone there was shaping a future I wanted to see, but in their own way, and I could better understand where my business fit into the big picture.” Read More

Ruth CarterRuth Carter: “My favorite take-aways from Lift Off were the lessons and suggestions that are easy to apply to my work, and meeting and getting feedback (and input) from the other participants.” Read More



Kyle DurandKyle Durand: “I was a military vet, tax attorney and entrepreneur who was searching for a definition of myself and what I had to offer the world. After Lift Off, I launched a new blog, traveled all over the world while running my two businesses and started a third.” Read More


Yolanda FacioYolanda Facio: “There are so many wonderful things to take away from Lift Off; the people, Pam and Charlie, Angela and all the great instruction. I would say though that my favorite thing was and continues to be the community of supportive and very bright individuals.” Read More


Tzaddi GordonTzaddi Gordon: “It was like being sent to summer camp with a bunch of people you instantly adore but since you’re all in different niches and from different places you might otherwise never meet. There’s a ton of camaraderie among the alumni across all LO sessions as well, so we have all that extra support to draw on after the retreat.” Read More


Lisa GuidaLisa Guida: “Lift Off gave me the confidence to give a couple of public talks and begin to reach out to more people. The power of having this group behind me has allowed me to understand that for me staying at my day job is important for my family yet doesn’t mean that I’m dropping the ball.” Read More


Julica HermannJulica Hermann: “Since Lift Off, I am full out in Stage Two of business building. My biggest problem is that I can’t sleep as much as I used to… I’m too excited and filled with ideas and very much the energizer bunny. I can’t stop working! This is a nice problem to have.” Read More


Ericka HinesEricka Hines: “Before Lift Off, I was treating my new business like a jobby. I was resisting some of the strategic planning and financial planning I needed to do to move my business from a start up phase.” Read More


Emily HoEmily Ho: “At Lift Off, I found my entrepreneurial tribe. When powerful coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and all-around amazing human beings come together to learn from and lift each other, truly life-changing things happen.” Read More



April HolleApril Holle: “I came home refreshed, empowered and ready to implement the first stages of what I’ve envisioned for Made Better Studio and myself in the next few years thanks to my time at Lift Off. I hear that they’re only planning one more, so if you’ve been on the fence about going, it’s time to say HELL YES to attending Lift Off. ” Read More


Maira HolzmannMaira Holzmann: “After attending Lift Off, I launched my own retreat, continued to blog, and got clearer and clearer about my ideal client and target market. I also learned how to leverage social media, i.e. working to increase my visibility.” Read More


Willie JacksonWillie Jackson: “Since attending Lift Off, I’ve been self-employed full-time for over a year now, and the quality of my life has improved by an order of magnitude. LiftOff represented a conscious decision to take my creative and entrepreneurial transition seriously. It has paid off in spades.” Read More


Luna Jaffe: Before Lift Off, I had hit a wall of confusion – uncertain of how to move forward with strategy and vision. Since Lift Off, I’ve narrowed my focus, created a business plan that helps me with cash flow projections, and let go of some activities that were not building income. Read More


Jennifer LyleJennifer Lyle: “My desire to move in an entrepreneurial direction began nearly a decade ago, so, for late bloomers like me, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel! The best part of Lift Off is the energy, the creativity, the engagement, the support — the community, in every good sense of the word.” Read More


Jeff MoriartyJeff Moriarty: “Before Lift Off, I had a million (maybe two) projects underway, but very little focus and I wasn’t even sure what tied them all together other than the fun I was having.” Read More



Rachel RodgersRachel Rodgers: “I had so many ideas about where to take my business next but no idea how or when. I needed a clear vision of what type of lifestyle I wanted (which did not include working 14 hours every day).” Read More


Carol RossCarol Ross: “Much of what has happened over the past few years would not have been possible without the increased clarity I got from being at Lift Off– i.e. how my coaching biz feeds and is fed by My Alumni Link, how the theme of story runs through my best work, and a deeper understanding of ‘co-opetition’. Lift Off filled in new pieces in my entrepreneur’s foundation.” Read More


Jami SchollJami Scholl: “One of my favorite things about Lift Off was how my super team ‘classmates’ were able to help me see things in ways and with details I would never had found on my own. It’s all priceless. Holistically, it is not the things (although important), but the synergy between these things that is so powerful. Oh, and the food was fabulous!” Read More


Chrissy ScivicqueChrissy Scivicque: “Before Lift Off, I was completely overwhelmed and not quite sure how to make REAL money with it. I left the Lift Off retreat feeling very focused. I still go through phases of being overwhelmed, but I have my Lift Off team to help me weed out the crap and focus on what matters.” Read More


Kirsten SimmonsKirsten Simmons: “I walked into Lift Off with an awesome idea and no idea how to implement it, and left with action steps, inspiration, and a whole family of people who want me to succeed.” Read More




Barbara StaffordBarbara Stafford: “The tools Charlie and Pam gave us at Lift Off have been utterly invaluable as I grow my business. Plus, I no longer feel alone with any decision. I have an amazing community of support from my Lift Off peeps. Our connections and collaborations have helped our group grow by leaps and bounds!” Read More


Karl StaibKarl Staib: “It’s only been 2 weeks since my Lift Off retreat, but I know I fast forwarded my business by 5-6 months.” Read More




Allison TitcombAllison Titcomb: “I loved basking in the creative energy of the amazing participants and learning from everyone. My word of the week has been Inspiration!” Read More




Jen WaakJen Waak: “Without Lift Off, I never would have had the confidence to know that I can quit my job and I won’t be living in a van down by the river. I had said at the end of Lift Off that I figured out that I needed to play a bigger game, and it seems that just by saying those words that good things started happening.” Read More


Debbie WeilDebbie Weil: “Lift Off gave me the courage to go in a direction that I had been considering, but didn’t have the nerve to execute on. Within two months of attending Lift Off, I launched Voxie Media, a next-generation publishing company.” Read More


Crystal WilliamsCrystal Williams: “What a relief to find that a bit of struggle is nothing to be ashamed of, that everyone meets challenges at every stage of business, and that mistakes are a necessary part of the process… not the beginning of the end!” Read More


Karen YaegerKaren Yaeger: “My favorite part of Lift Off was really feeling seen and heard by Pam and Charlie. I still fee all the wonderful support as I continue on my path.” Read More