Ericka Hines

Twitter: @socialchngediva

Attended: Lift Off 4 (August 2011)

Where were you in your entrepreneurial journey before Lift Off? Before Lift Off, I think I was treating my new business like a jobby. Not on purpose, but I was resisting some of the strategic planning and financial planning that I needed to do to move my business from a start up phase. Also, I think I still struggled with whether the work that I wanted to do was even economically viable for me.

What are you up to now? Since Lift Off, I have been up to a few things. One is that I decided that I really did want to pursue more speaking opportunities so I have been identifying possibilities and pursuing those options. Second, I am working on a manifesto on social change leadership that I plan to publish in October that hopefully helps put me in a “thought leader” position for my possible client base. And finally, I have been networking more through my contacts and asking for meetings.

What was your favorite thing about Lift Off? The combination of woo (personal development), foo (business strategies and frameworks) and do (planning time and tools). And the support of 15 people who want to see me succeed.