Marissa Bracke

Twitter: @marissabracke

Attended: Lift Off 1 (February 2010)

What are you up to now? I help creative entrepreneurs whose busy-ness gets in the way of their business. When creatives feel too busy, their progress toward their Big Vision for their business tends to stall out or feels difficult and draining. I help them get clear on their priorities, better focus their energy and time, and develop strategies to do more of the work they love without getting mired in or depleted by busy-ness.

What was your favorite thing about Lift Off? It was great interacting “in 3D” with people I’d been working with, following, reading, and chatting with online, some for a couple of years before finally meeting in person at Lift Off. And hanging out with them at Saguaro Lake Ranch in Phoenix at the end of February (read: absolutely picture-perfect location) didn’t hurt either!