Tzaddi Gordon

Twitter: @tzaddi

Attended: Lift Off 2 (August 2010)

Where were you in your entrepreneurial journey before Lift Off? I came into Lift Off with a thriving design business which was at the point of “too much of a good thing”. I was consistently booked with client work and even overwhelmed at times. I had trouble finding time for me and for working ON the business. I knew I needed to make some shifts in my business and that I needed time, space & support to do that.

What are you up to now? Now I’m operating my business in a much more balanced manner. I’m more selective of the projects I take on, so they are more of a right fit. I have more of a planning rhythm and better support when I need a sounding board. I now have the space to work on some projects that will support new directions for my business.

What was your favorite thing about Lift Off? Oh, just one? That would have to be the people. Pam and Charlie are fabulous, warm and creative, so the people who go to Lift Off are similarly fabulous. It was like being sent to summer camp with a bunch of people you instantly adore but since you’re all in different niches and from different places you might otherwise never meet. There’s a ton of camaraderie among the alumni across all LO sessions as well, so we have all that extra support to draw on after the retreat.