Wendy Beall

Website: diyhealthcarereform.com
Twitter: @wendybeall

Attended: Lift Off 3 (February 2011)

Where were you in your entrepreneurial journey before Lift Off? I had recently ended three years working at a “real” job I’d taken in order to save money for starting over with a business idea I’d worked on a decade ago. My plan, then as now, is to teach health seekers how to apply the principles of the mind body approach to health so they can feel better now, as well as save money, time, energy, and their sanity.

What are you up to now? I’ve launched DIYHealthCareReform.com to address the fact that our modern approach to health care has become a crazily complicated, anxiety producing, and un-health-promoting mess. I call it do-it-yourself health care reform because changing the way we deal with health is not about politics; it’s about individuals reconnecting with the fact that health is an inside job.

DIY Health Care Reform is devoted to a whole new approach to personal wellness, based on what we call the mind body connection. This right-brained paradigm sees wellness as coming from the inside as a reflection of our energy, which we can learn to deliberately direct. Instead of chasing health with an endless to do list based on ever-changing advice about how, what, and when to eat, exercise, sleep, etc., do-it-yourself health care’s foundation is a TO BE list.

DIYHealthCareReform.com offers a buffet of practical, simple methods that enable you to translate the principles of the mind body connection into practices that result in improved wellness, whether you’re working with a doctor or on your own. And because simple doesn’t mean easy, there will be plenty of tips for avoiding the common pitfalls that can leave you feeling stuck.

Do-it-yourself health care reform is not intended to replace conventional medicine, but to place it on a new foundation of understanding and practices that enhance and optimize the results of conventional medical approaches–with plenty of scientific evidence to back up that claim.

I offer consulting and coaching services to individuals with health challenges, and to those who prefer simpler approaches to wellness and life.
I offer consulting, workshops, and wellness programs to health professionals who want to learn how best to promote wellness in themselves and their patients, businesses and government agencies, and all sectors of the medical-industrial complex, where low cost ways to promote patient health are used to beneficially impact the bottom line.

The bottom line of do-it-yourself health care reform: You want to feel good now. I’ll show you how.

What was your favorite thing about Lift Off? I love the synergy that comes from sharing ideas, energy, and connections in a group. The connections made are guaranteed to benefit everyone involved for years to come. Pam and Charlie have a gift for helping refine ideas for products and services, and then translate those ideas into practical next steps so they seem doable rather than overwhelming.