Willie Jackson

Website: williejackson.com
Twitter: @williejackson

Attended: Lift Off 1 (February 2010)

Where were you in your entrepreneurial journey before Lift Off? Running a stealth web design/dev business from hotels across America, struggling with the ability to work within the contraints of my travel schedule while fighting a losing battle with a job that was crushing my soul and depriving the world of my gifts.

What are you up to now? I’ve been self-employed full-time for over a year now, and the quality of my life has improved by an order of magnitude. I’m working on a high profile project with a personal hero of mine, opportunities abound, and I have as much business as I can handle. Life is good.

What Willie’s Up To – September 2011 Update:

  • Not dying
  • Exotic dancing (video coming soon!)
  • Full time web performance engineering
  • Preparing for my first trip abroad (an extended adventure)
  • Being mentored by some of the most respected humans alive

I’m also making the web a faster place. I lead the Performance team at W3 EDGE, and also try to crank out something of substance every day on my blog.

What was your favorite thing about Lift Off? Meeting crazy people like me who offered rapid-fire feedback on my approach and business model, who supported me and implicitly gave me the nudge I needed to jump off a cliff. Still falling to this day ;)