Lift Off is an amazing experience for all of our participants, but the extraordinary growth their businesses see within the first six months is even more so.

We wanted to feature some of the most fascinating Lift Off alumni and their businesses, so over the next several weeks, I’m chatting with and featuring them in an interview series here.


Think you can’t get in shape because you’re a desk jockey? Watch out, because Jen is about to get you out of that chair and back into shape, so you can get back to having the energy to play with your kids, work in the garden, and just have fun being active.

Jen’s business has growing steadily – and it’s about to explode, since she is getting an endorsement from Sonia Simone and Copyblogger! Take a peek into what it’s really like to grow an online/offline business here.

Listen to the interview here.

If you loved this interview, you have to check out Jen’s online coaching program. It makes health research digestible (bah dum ching!) and you get to collaborate with other Keyboard Athletes.