We could tell you a lot about what our people are up to and what Lift Off did for them. We’d rather them tell you.

What will your Lift Off story be? We hope you come join us to find out.

What Lift Off Was For Them…In Their Own Words

We’ve told you a lot of what Lift Off was about, but what we say may not be doing it justice. We’d rather let you hear & read what past participants have said, in their own words.

Why Cheryl Dolan (CherylDolan.com) is leaving Lift Off calm, clear and confident:

What at Lift Off really helped Nailah Blades (PolkaDotCoaching.com):

How Tzaddi Gordon (ThriveWire.ca) got strategy and community:

The most recent shift in my world was my entrance into that special club of entrepreneurs, those people who have their own businesses, who spend more time loving their work than they used to spend hating their jobs.

And then, I met a whole bunch of other people just like me. Fourteen others, in fact, not including Pam and Charlie. And I was home.

What I learned from the weekend cannot be summed up here, it cannot be bullet-pointed, and it sure as hell cannot be expressed in any coherent way except by my life and my actions and the way my world makes sense again. I met people who, by their love and their creativity and their innate them-ness, reminded me and retaught me that we were meant to live in community.

–Rachael Acklin, CaffeinatedElf.com

Andre Blackman of PulseAndSignal.com on how Lift Off was a catalyst:

Julie Daley (UnabashedlyFemale.com) describes what she got from her Lift Off experience:

I can’t even begin to tell you how many of us had amazing (and I’m not using that term lightly) success stories right off the bat. First clients, new clients, articles being picked up on various blogs, starting transitions out of full time employment to take the plunge 100%… and so on and so forth.

I have talked to people about this. It is not a phenomenon that is happening with this group. This was a group of people ready for major change, and Lift Off forced us to think through our businesses… our plans, our ideas, our struggles. We all worked hard to get things out, and the amazing thing is, once things were out, then ideas just kept coming, action plans got made, and measurable results got defined.

I believe that Lift Off caused a mental shift that allowed each one of us to see our businesses and ideas clearly. So clearly, that we could take real action. I know for myself, it caused me to see the entire picture much more clearly, and in bite sized chunks. It was no longer a huge sea of ideas floating in my head. It was a real business, with a plan and a desired outcome.

–Lori Jordan, Red-Staple.com

Julica Hermann (JulicaHermann.com) gives you three reasons to attend:

What Jami Scholl (MyEdibleEden.com) was looking for–and found–at Lift Off:

What Heidi Dobbs (WonderlandLifeCoaching.com) didn’t expect (and found priceless):

The Lift Off experience while filled with amazingly smart and supportive people in an absolutely beautiful location – really has become the framework for my business plans. Pam and Charlie pushed us with provocative questions that made us think and articulate our vision for the future. Most other retreats end where Lift Off began. We left with plans,strategies and outcomes for moving our plans forward.

If you have no idea what your super powers are, this is the place to be.

Desiree Adaway, DesireeAdaway.com

Jeff Moriarty (ImprovMedia.com) on how Lift Off helps you go from idea to action:

Why Lift Off was an incredbily worthwhile experience
for Ericka Hines of SocialChangeDiva.com:

I decided to attend Lift Off because I wanted to gain more clarity around the next steps in my business and I knew I wanted to work with Pam Slim and Charlie Gilkey. The overall experience truly exceeded all of my expectations. Pam and Charlie are the perfect combination of analysis, ideation, creativity and heart. They are authentic, direct, accessible and generous.

Because of the content they shared and the collaborative group processes we participated in, I was able to clearly map out exactly what I need to do to grow my business over the next few years. In fact, I not only have a map and a funnel, I also have a quarterly blueprint of exactly what needs to be done to achieve the goals I have set for myself. Pam and Charlie use their unique superpowers to bring out the best in the people they work with.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other 14 incredible entrepreneurs that took the Lift Off journey with me. I believe that a big part of the Lift Off experience is the tremendous support and camaraderie that is encouraged by its founders. We laughed, we cried, we danced and we sang. But mostly, we held the space for magic to happen and for lives to be transformed.

If you’re considering Lift Off as a way to take your business to the next level, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and work with two of the best business coaches around, then I have three words for you: Just do it.

–Liz Dennery Sanders, SheBrand.com

Why Barbara Stafford (BarbaraStafford.com) felt like she left with a thousand percent return on her investment:

What Kirsten Simmons (@kirstenasimmons on Twitter) got from her Lift Off experience:

To say that the Lift Off retreat was a transformative experience for me would be a gross understatement. I attended the retreat when I was at a crossroads in my career: I had a growing side business, but a job that required me to travel so much that growing my business any more would be next to impossible.

I left the retreat armed with the confidence that I could really do it and spent the flight back on fire with ideas, sketches, and diagrams. Not only did I build up the confidence to finally ditch my job, I didn’t work a single day for my previous company after attending.

The community that developed at the Lift Off retreat allowed me to lend my expertise to some, lean on others, grow my business, and connect with people who are crazy and creative just like me. Few feelings are more gratifying than being encouraged and motivated by a group of people who challenge and support you. And that’s what I enjoy every week now that I’m a Lift Off Alum. I can’t wait for the next one!

Willie Jackson, WillieJackson.com

What “serial entrepreneur” Carol Ross (RemarkableProfile.com) liked & learned at Lift Off:

Kyle Durand’s (OurDeal.com) Lift Off experience:

(No, it’s not his dog. It came with the ranch. : )

Following my own path is scary, risky, exciting and exhilarating all at the same time. It’s like constantly riding a roller coaster up and down. But traveling the path with fellow seekers is truly transforming.

At Lift-Off in Arizona what was so remarkable was the safe space created by Pam Slim and Charlie Gilkey. This along with the open-heartedness of the participants made for a really awesome experience. I was able to honestly share my ideas, fears and dreams for my small biz in a truly caring, supportive environment. Personally, this really strengthened me as I continue on the solopreneur path with its ups and downs. We created a real community that has continued to thrive online and for this I am so very grateful.

I am inspired and thrilled to be a part of this community.

–Karen Yaeger, OpenSkyVideo.com

What about Lift Off has Maira Holzmann (MairaHolzmann.com) dancing:

Megan Morris (IdeaSchema.com) describes what you can get at Lift Off that you can’t get anywhere else:

What I loved about the Lift Off Retreat [was that] there wasn’t a silent moment for three days.

Whether we gathered in little groups or pairs, whether we were presenting ideas or having ideas presented to us, there was always feedback. Some of us wrote it down, some captured it with voice recorders, but all of us put it to work as soon as we got home.

And boy, howdy. The success stories are already rolling in. New clients, new offerings, new direction, better office spaces, and bigger plans with a better focus.

The energy was always positive, even when the answer wasn’t “Yes”. I was challenged to rethink, re-evaluate, and re-imagine what I’m doing here.

And it’s already coming together: I’ve gone through my archives and listed nifty compilations. I got a gig doing weekly research for an info-seeking client. I’m set up to make audio recordings tomorrow. I’m figuring out the pricing.

And this was just my first week after Lift Off. What’s next week going to look like? Or next month?

Crystal Williams, BigBrightBulb.com

Emily Ho (SustainableFoodWorks.com) talks about her Lift Off experience: